How to detect if device is a Windows365 Cloud PC

Jeffery Tay
Apr 11, 2023

It is pretty straightforward to detect if the managed device is a Cloud PC in Intune, setting up dynamic groups to filter policies depending on whether it is a cloud PC:

However, if your security product e.g NAC does not integrate with Intune, then there is a need to fiddle with registry keys.

Below are the registry key and value you can use to filter for cloud PCs

Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SystemInformation
Name: SystemProductName

Data: (it always start with Cloud PC Enterprise followed by the device configuration) e.
Cloud PC Enterprise 2vCPU/8GB/128GB
Cloud PC Enterprise 4vCPU/16GB/128GB
Cloud PC Enterprise 4vCPU/16GB/256GB
Cloud PC Enterprise 8vCPU/32GB/512GB



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