Adventures with pfSense: Act 1— Setting up Internet and MIO TV

Qotom Mini PC

Network design

This box is intended to replace my current Asus router and interface directly with the ONT box. As such it needs to be able to understand and carry both the Internet and MIO TV vlans on INT1 (Internet uplink).

Physical ethernet layout

Setting up the WAN

Start by setting up the VLANS that will be sent in INT1. For Singtel the VLANs are as listed below. As i’m using the traditional copper lines for telephony all that is needed are VLAN 10 — Internet and VLAN 20 — MIO only.

Interface Assignment — WAN

Setting up MIO TV

The next step is to get MIO TV up and running.

  • MIO_WAN on INT1 VLAN 20
  • MIO_LAN_VLAN20 on INT2 VLAN 20
  • MIO_LAN on INT2
MIO TV Interface assignments
MIO TV setting for interfaces
MIO TV bridge setup
MIO TV interface setup
MIO TV Firewall rule



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